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Pet Seat Belt Adapter.
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Many pets tend to wander around the vehicle when riding unrestrained.  Serious injury to the pet and the vehicle occupants could occur if the pet is unrestrained during sudden stopping or impact with another vehicle or structure.  PawRider is designed to wrap around an existing seatbelt and to keep the pet in the vehicle seat. 






The PawRider  Pet Seat Belt Adapter is designed to keep the pet securely centered in the seat while riding.  The PawRider provides an easy way to utilize an existing passenger seat belt to control a pet’s motion while in a vehicle.




The PawRider easily wraps around an existing seatbelt and when the D-ring is placed thru the slotted opening and a restraint snap hook is attached to the PawRider on one end and to the D-ring on a pet’s ChokeFree™, the PawRider will firmly hold the pet in place.




When the PawRider is placed around the shoulder portion of the seatbelt, it provides a loose control that will allow the pet to pull against the Shoulder Strap and move around as far as the Shoulder  Strap allows. When the PawRider is placed around a combination of the Lap Belt and the Shoulder Strap, the pet is very restricted and cannot move very far from the PawRider.




When the PawRider is attached to the Shoulder Strap alone, the seatbelt can be pulled out and  tightened in order to restrain the pet as desired. 




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